Physiotherapy Service

Our medical expert lies in rendering effective services by the trained and professional physiotherapists.

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Newborn Care Service

New born needs constant attention while feeding, bathing, even sleeping and our well trained attendant and nurse at home will do them wonders.

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Elder Care

We are giving support and assistance for daily activities of your Elderly loved one. We have trained attendant for 12/24 hrs service at home.

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Home Nursing Care Service

We are providing experienced and trained nurses for all kind of nursing procedures like intravenous injection and wound dressing etc.

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Fostering Growth of Solar Energy!

Benefiting from 20 years experience in the solar material procurement sector and PV manufacturing.

Assured Best Care For Your Good Health

Welcome to Sekar Divyaa Sree Nursing Care

Sekar Divyaa Sree Nursing Care has been recognized for unmatched and best Home Care Nursing Services in Chennai. Best known for quality medical professionals, we aim to offer top notch in-home health services for patients and families. The outstanding nursing services that are provided at medical institutions are now at the comfort of your home.



What We Do?

Making Tomorrow Different Today.


We are offering home care service for the clients who are unable to take care of their loved one. Even our expertise guiding for disabled patients, who need physiotherapist and soon. If you need to know about jipmer hospital, we will guide you, based on your needs, which saves your time. We have trained nurses to take care of your loved one in your own environment. Based on the clients, we are giving the well trained nurses, attendance and even doctors as per their needs. The person who are not ready to adapt in hospital needs some types of services, we offering the service for them. From blood collection in home to delivering medicine at your doorsteps, our service extend but only in and around Chennai. We arrange caretakers for all types of illness(cancer, wounds and even for end of life care, physical disability care, Aging care). Care Chennai helps you to talk care your loved one, in friendly and lovely manner. Trust us, we assign a good trained nurses, caretakers, attendant and soon, who gives you comfortable feel by caring your loved one.

Wound Management

A wound block the normal structure and function of the skin

Long Term Home Care

LTC service is help meet both the medical and non-medical needs

Ageing Care Services

Aged care services are developed with our customers to meet their needs

Emergency Care

Emergency is to provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care

Home Attendant Services

With Home Attendant Care you or your loved one is able to stay home

Medicine Home Delivery

Prescription medications are an essential component of the health

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"I am delighted to share my experience with SDS Nursing care Service. From the moment I engaged their services, I was met with professionalism, compassion, and a commitment to excellence. The care and attention provided by the SDS Nursing care team were truly remarkable

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SDS Nursing Care Service apart is their genuine concern for their clients' well-being. The caregivers were not just providers of care; they became trusted companions during a challenging time. Their dedication to ensuring my comfort and safety was unwavering.

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The level of communication and coordination exhibited by SDS Nursing Care Service was exceptional. I always felt informed and included in decisions regarding my care journey. This transparent and collaborative approach was deeply appreciated.